grey goon

doug walters: producer//composer//mixer//engineer

grey goon aka doug walters

Doug Walters is a Los Angeles-based music producer, songwriter, and sound engineer who produces under the alias Grey Goon. He records out of Myster Studio in Hollywood. Doug has worked in music and audio for 10 years - in New York, Washington, DC and LA - with a focus on songwriting and production. He also has credits in audio production and post-production on award-winning short narrative films.


As a producer, Grey Goon works with artists across genres to help write, record, produce and mix their material. He has produced and re-mixed R&B, rap, rock, folk and EDM tracks. He works hands-on with musicians to help them realize their vision, from the first stages of songwriting through perfecting the final mix.


Doug has composed custom music for ads and television series, and has licensed songs to TV shows and commercials on over a dozen networks. Some ad credits include Google, AIG, MTV, VH1.

Doug has a BA in music composition from Wesleyan University.