grey goon

doug walters: producer//composer//mixer//engineer



Trippie Redd  |  Back Of My Mind  |  production, writing
Foreign Air  |  Loud Magic  |  additional production
phem |  PRSCO  |  production, writing, mixing
Lauren Ruth Ward  |  Well Hell album  |  production, writing, mixing
Oddnesse  |  All singles  |  production, writing, mixing
Fat Tony feat Beau Young Prince  |  Two For One  |  production, writing
Sam Johnson  |  California Fires  |  mixing
Beau Young Prince  |  Sunset Blvd EP  |  production, writing
7seaz  |  Different |  additional production, mixing
Grey Goon feat LeyeT  |  Zodiac  |  production, writing, mixing
Dan Graydon  |  upcoming EP  |  production, writing, mixing
Nac  |  Christmas Lites (At My Momma House)  |  writing
Mondo The Moonrock  |  Tortuga Mixtape  |  mixing
Kelow LaTesha  I  Shawty Go (single)  I  production, writing
Mystery Mansion  I  Strange Avenues LP  I  production, mixing
Wes Period  |  Used To Be (single)  |  production, writing
Oddnesse  I  Somewhere Somehow  I  production, mixing, writing
Liv Slingerland  I  Multiple singles  I  production, mixing, writing
Aaron Marco  I  SHE ep I  production, mixing, writing
Alarke  |  Grace EP  |  mixing
The Dust Engineers  I  The Dust Engineers  I  mixing
US Royalty  |  More To This (single)  |  production, mixing, writing
Jay Hayden  |  Mariah  |  production, mixing, writing
Greg Walters |  upcoming EP  |  production
Tiny Victories  |  Lost Weekend  |  production
Johnny Fhive  |  Stealth  |  production, mixing, writing
DJ Khaled  |  A Million Lights |  writing
Raven Felix  |  Million Dollar Bitch |  production, writing
Champagne Fever  | FTLT EP  |  production, mixing, writing
Red Wire Black Wire  |  Robots & Roses  |  production, writing
Dumbo Gusto  |  Brass Stacks  |  production, mixing, composition


Bear Hands  |  Giants remix  
Tiny Victories  |  Scott and Zelda remix  
Rush Midnight   |  In Your Room remix 
Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness  |  High Dive remix


Zen Desk (multiple campaigns)  |  production, writing, mixing, sound design
OAK Vogue Fashion Week 2016  |  sound design
Google Glass ad  |  production, mixing, writing
Mykki Blanco's "Coke White, Starlight" music video I sound design
Vogue "Olympic Wrestler Helen Maroulis Fights Like a Girl"  I  sound design
Remy Martin X AOL "The Spirited Life" ad series  I  production, mixing, writing
The Atlantic "New Orleans Nightlife Runs on Daquaris" I production, writing
National Organization for Women campaign video | production, mixing, writing
American Red Cross campaign video | production, mixing, writing
Myster Stashtray ad |  production, mixing, writing
United Launch Alliance ad  |  production, mixing, writing
AIG ad  |  production, mixing, writing, sound design
Trebant Trek TV Season 1 (16 episodes)   |  production, mixing, writing
Abercrombie and Fitch ad  |  production, mixing, writing
MTV Taking the Stage  |  production, writing
Cornerstone ad  |  production, mixing, writing, sound design      
Myster Fog Pen ad | production, writing, mixing
VH1 Dating Naked | production, writing

Additional Television Music Credits
National Geographic, MSNBC, Discovery Channel, MTV, VH1, NBC, HULU, NETFLIX, Travel Channel, Style Network, Bravo, Sundance Channel, and The CW.       

Production and Post-Production festival credits
Tribeca Film Festival, Northside Festival, New Film Maker’s New York, LA Indie Film Festival, BFI London Film Festival, Brooklyn Film Festival, New Orleans Film Festival (official selection 2013), Eastern Oregon Film Festival (official selection 2013), Dragon*Con (official selection 2013), and winner of Hammer to Nail Short Film Fest